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About Revenge Champ

Everything we do, we do it with a champion mentality.
Heyyyyyy there, laugh out loud, lol. Well, so far you can tell i like to laugh lol. So true, because i once in my life i was at a point where i allowed my life to run me and i didnt run it! There for i wasnt happy, i didnt laugh, i barely left the house. BUT 1 DAY i made the CHOICE to get back up again, and try 1 more time and my life changed forever. I joined lovely bodies gym and started trying different products 1 by 1 then after 6-8 months, BOOM. I was happy, smiling, dancing, lol. Just simply back to ME. Anyone just want to get back to them or simply become a BETTER version of who they are? Or simply allow your light to shine so bright from inside that not only you notice but others to ? Yes. That is me. Thats why im a better business owner. Bettwe wife, better friend and so much more. Im literally living my life by design. Im grateful and happy forever because 1 DAY I MADE A CHOICE. Now, i choose to tell my story and inspires others to experience life at this level. Its so amazing.
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Why choose Revenge Champ?

Ive been where you are before.
Champions make choices. Champions make the champions choice. Which is to win. Choose us because we are you. We are champs and so are you. Our founder Revenge Champ is known to inspire, empower, and motivation everyone she can to commit to a healthier and wealthier life. This opportunity is a dream come true for her. Supporting you during your journey is something she dedicates to by choose. Above and beyond is only accepted when is comes to serving every customer here at REVENGE CHAMP. We are here for you serving you health and wellness on a platter. Anything you need remember we are only a text or call away.

Delivery & Returns

Dear Champions, All products located above are in high demand. As you may know the "Revenge Cleanse Detox" is VERY POPULAR, and became very popular VERY FAST. We are still building up staff to support the demand. This is is why the CLEANSE HAS TO BE PREORERED or there is a extra fee of $125 or above to expedite the order for pick up if you are local. Revenge Champ is here to provide communication with all customers. YOU are our 1st priority. We will communicate that's our always and forever promise to you as a customer. Also we will provide luxury health products that will provide LIFE CHANGING RESULTS and support you with getting the best results. We appreciate your patience ahead of time. We look forward to being apart of your long-term healthy lifestyle. Thank you for choosing the REVENGE CHAMP. Lets focus on our results together.

Contact Us

Our goal is to prepare you the best health and wellness products that help you transaction into a more luxury healthy lifestyle. We like to open up our location address for your comfort and security. Please notes we are available to assist always. Just a call or text today. Thanks for your interest in THE REVENGE CHAMP BRAND.
Our address
1851 peeler rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338
Open hours
Monday through Sunday 10am-9pm
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We accept Visa, MasterCard®, PayPal
When it comes to purchasing anything online, the security question towers above everything else. Our store’s overall cyber security and particularly the billing process security is something we do not take lightly. All of your shopping here will be a fun and safe experience. If you have any difficulties in the checkout process, you can always address our customer support department with your billing questions.